Watch Out For Study Participants Whose Main Motivation For Joining A Clinical Trial Is The Money

While it may not always be the case, research clinics need to be vigilant about whom expresses interest in their studies. Someone whose only motivation for joining a clinical trial is the money (unless it’s a Phase 1 study), may be more trouble than you are bargaining for! Please note however, that someone who is happy to be compensated for their participation does not necessarily fall into this category, so as always, use your better judgement.

HIPAA, Budgets, Data Capture and Lab Results In Clinical Trials: Podcast

In this podcast/video I get into some viewer questions, the first one being related to HIPAA and patient privacy as it pertains to pre-screening study participants, another is regarding budgets and how to build a cost sheet for a particular clinical trial. The next question was in regards to clinical research lab results being emailed instead of faxed and how that may affect PI/staff oversight, and finally I discuss electronic data capture and how it can be so frustrating at times!
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How To Get Your Damn Calls Returned When Looking For A Clinical Trial!

Today’s video is in response to numerous questions I’ve received from study participants and hopeful study volunteers who are frustrated because they cant seem to get a hold of anyone at the research clinic as they are looking for a clinical trial to join. In this video I explain why its so difficult to get a call back from a research clinic and also give tips for how to work your way around this frustrating situation.
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Walking You Through Your First Clinical Trial Visit

In this video, I walk the potential study participant through their first clinical trial study visit. I cover some of the common study procedures as well as discuss the informed consent process. Hopefully this video can help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your first clinical trials study visit.

Finding A Clinical Trial May Take Some Effort

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from potential study participants that are upset because they have recently been turned down for a clinical trial. Don’t give up, many times a study participant may have to call different clinics in order to finally come across a study that they can qualify for. This is not uncommon, but due to the fact that there are so many studies out there, most people will eventually find a clinical trial that they can qualify for if they are persistent enough.

Little Things Matter In Clinical Trials

In clinical trials, understanding and getting to know your study participant, is crucial.  In all clinical trials, getting good quality data and feedback from the trial participants is the only way to  measure the efficacy of the study drug.  Don provides some suggestions for the clinical trial professionals out there on exactly how to do this.