Clinical Research Career Dilemma Solved

Although there are different routes to¬†obtaining the highly desired Clinical Research Associate (CRA) position, some routes may be more effective. Typically, smaller companies that use CRA’s, are more likely to promote a new CRA from within their own organization.


Simply telling your new employers about your CRA goals can simplify the leap into that position.

Simply telling your new employers about your CRA goals can simplify the leap into that position.

Should You Add Someone Who Is About To Interview You For A Clinical Research Job On LinkedIn

Social media is an excellent way to communicate. Among the different types of social media Linkedin stands as the most appropriate for¬†growing someone’s professional network.

Linkedin may become a standard for proffesional interactions.

Linkedin may become a standard for proffesional interactions.

Behind The Scenes Interview: How A Clinical Research Organization Functions

I was able to interview Prasad Sristi, CEO of Mindprint Solutions. Mindprint helps CRO’s efficiently run their businesses by integrating various layers of software in order to allow the CRO’s to focus on their core competency: drug discovery, development and clinical trial management. Prasad shares some of the insider knowledge with regards to how CRO’s negotiate their budgets with Sites, what business activities generate the most profit for them and we even get into the topic of remote monitoring. This was one of the better interviews I have conducted in some time as the behind the scenes insight into how a cro operates was valuable. I hope you find some of the findings helpful from this interview!

Interview With A Future CRA and Former Study Coordinator In Clinical Research

Below is the video where I interview a future hopeful clinical research associate (CRA). We get into some of her background as a study coordinator for oncology trials at a Southern California University. Mya also shares a bit of her personal story with respect to clinical trials and what they mean to her personally.

In this video below, Mya is actually interviewing me for a PhD program thesis that she is writing on the business of clinical trials and government funding.

Thanks for watching and as always, let me know if you have any questions regarding CRA’s, funding, or careers in research!

How Technology Will Change Clinical Trials and More Random Talk With Barbara Duck

I finally got the chance to interview the one and only Barbara Duck also known as “The Medical Quack” which is the name of her world famous blog where she discusses many issues related to healthcare, privacy, data, technology and more. This conversation is extremely casual, but we discuss a few trends that we see taking form when it comes to clinical trials, particularly the use of electronic health records and health data storage websites such as mediguard that could be used to recruit study participants in the future. Many CRO’s have entered this space, most notably Quintiles, and we discuss whether this is a good recruitment method or not. Let us know what you think about this rather controversial issue.

How Pharma MegaMergers Will Affect Clinical Research, Remote Monitoring, Investigator Initiated Trials and More!

In today’s video, regular guest guru and producer of the show, Darshan Kulkarni stopped by to char regarding Investigator Initiated Studies, PDUFA, how mergers and acquisitions in the industry will affect us research clinics, remote monitoring and a whole lot more. We hope you enjoy and learn something new here!